CBM Toolbox is a step in your investing journey.

Use the CBM Toolbox. Analyse numbers. Build a story. Grow your wealth.


Investing = Story + Numbers

Build an investing framework using the CBM Toolbox. Build a story using Warren Buffett’s 4 pillars for investing. Analyse the numbers against the CBM benchmark rates and also, calculate the fair value of the stock!

Invest like the best, Warren Buffett.

CBM Toolbox will help you check all the 4 pillars of value investing.


CBM Checklist – Sheet

Use this checklist to complete the minimum due diligence required before you invest in a company. Based on Buffett’s 4 pillars
1. Do you understand the business?
2. Does the business have a strong MOAT?
3. Is the management efficient?
4. Are you getting a discount?

Make a copy of the spreadsheet. Please don’t request access.

1 Million Calculator

Want to find out how long will it take for you to reach 1 million dollars?

Use this sheet to find how many years will it require for you to reach a million dollars if you invest $100, $1000, or $1000 per month!

You can make a copy and use the custom tab to put in your amount and rate of return!

Give it a try!

DCF Calculator

Find out the value of the asset you want to purchase. We will guide you through this calculator and it’s free!

Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation method is used to estimate the value of an investment based on its expected future cash flows.

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