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cbm toolbox journey

We want to simplify investing for everyone, especially beginner investors. Use CBM Toolbox. Analyse numbers. Build a story. Grow your wealth. Invest like the best, Warren Buffett. CBM Toolbox will help you check all the 4 pillars of value investing.…

Thoughts on Bitcoin

Cold Brew Money - CBM - Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has been surging in the past few weeks. 📈 There is a growing need for “Money” 💰that computers can understand and does not require any middle organization(banks, Plaid, Zelle, etc.) to verify my transaction. “Money” is internet and computer native. A…

Naval Ravikant’s Laws

Naval Ravikant's Law - Cold Brew Money

Naval Ravikant is the founder and chairman of AngelList, an early-stage tech VC and an all-around awesome human being. We’ve spoken about Naval quite a few times on our podcast. He even has his own podcast covering topics like happiness, wealth,…

Asset Allocation – How To Build Your Portfolio?

Cold Brew Money - Portfolio Management - Asset Allocation

Diversification reduces risk. It is important to not only diversify across stocks but also across different asset classes. This is key for managing your portfolio. Meb Faber’s study measures performance across 3 asset classes: Stocks, Bonds, and Real Assets. Real…