Who are we?

We are IT-Engineers who met in their undergraduate college in Mumbai. After moving to the US in 2014, through our separate journeys we learned about money but when we connected in 2020 (thanks, COVID😷), we had learned the same thing:

✅ Investing is important

✅ No one wants to talk about money

✅ It is not difficult to learn about finance

We wanted to share our journeys through Cold Brew Money so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

🤔 Why should you listen to a bunch of noobs who are still learning about money talk about money? You shouldn’t. Do your own damn research. We do the same.

We are no financial experts and we will never pretend to be one. We are life-long learners and as we learn, we want to share our research and notes through CBM,

So, if you stick around you might pick up a thing or two – mostly from our mistakes but also from our experiences.

Atit Kothari

Atit Kothari - Cold Brew Money

Atit is a interactive engineer building Augmented Reality tools at TikTok.

Atit has a background in software development and game design👨🏽‍💻. Atit has also developed award-winning interactive installations for amusement parks and museums, AR interactive experiences for sports franchises like NFL, NBA, AFL.

His work has been featured in festival circuits like Tribeca film festivalGames for ChangeCHI PLAYSIGGRAPH among others. He has been interviewed by Huffington PostBuzzFeed, and Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Atit has a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University and an Executive Masters in Analytics.

Tapan Desai

Tapan Desai - Cold Brew Money

Tapan is passionate about technology, travel, finance, productivity, mental tools, and a burgeoning list of other things.

Most of his time is spent either reading books or watching YouTube learning something new. His YouTube history shocks most of his friends and always includes topics that are nowhere related to things that he has studied or currently working on (recent blackhole – surfing in Nazaré!)🏄🏽‍♂️

Tapan is also interested in web design, branding, and marketing.

Apart from the things mentioned above, Tapan has a graduate degree in Information Management from Syracuse University.

Tapan is a Compliance Program Manager at Uber. He lived and worked in NYC for 3 years before moving to London where he currently resides.

Kaushal Shah

Kaushal is a software engineer working for Qualtrics. He has previously worked for Copart, Shapeways, and Microsoft.

Kaushal has a background in software engineering and did his Master’s from the University of Texas, Dallas in Computer Science.

Outside of work, Kaushal writes about machine learning, loves to read, and skis⛷️.

Kaushal is currently building the CBM Toolbox.

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