#42 – In Conversation With Dillon Jacobs From Vintage Value Investing Discussing Investment Strategies, Valuation and Resources To Get Started

Today we have a special guest with us. Dillon Jacobs from Vintage Value Investing. Dillon on his blog talks about investing, value investing strategy, and other resources to get started which we will try to capture in today’s episode.

Vintage Value Investing, VVI Membership, Stock Spotlight Newsletter by Dillon

  1. Intro – tell us about yourself, what do you do, your investment journey, and how did you learn about value investing?
  2. What is value investing? Value vs Growth Investing – can you explain the difference?
  3. What are some value investing strategies?
  4. What are some key metrics you look at? How do you perform your fundamental analysis for a stock?
  5. When to sell?
  6. Favorite book recommendations and any other resources you will recommend for beginners?
  7. Talk about Vintage Value Investing, newsletter, membership, and how can people reach out.

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Books: 100 Baggers (book) by Chris Mayers, One Up on Wall Street by Peter Lynch, Margin of Trust, Buffetology

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