#25 – How to Build a Passive Portfolio?

Today we are continuing our discussion around Passive Investing

Tapan’s Funds

  1. FTSE Developed World ex-U.K. Equity Index Fund – Accumulation (large and mid-sized companies excluding UK, low fee) – tracks fund across developed worlds including US, EU
  2. FTSE U.K. All Share Index Unit Trust – Accumulation (all UK shares) – high yield, gold rated, only UK stocks
  3. U.S. Equity Index Fund – Accumulation (All US Index, want to move towards S&P 500 in the future) – all US stocks
  4. Global Bond Index Fund – Hedged Accumulation (Global Bond – Corporate and Govt)

Atit’s Funds:

  1. iShares Core S&P 500(IVV)
  2. Vanguard Long-Term Bond(BLV)
  3. Vanguard Intmdt-Term Trs ETF(VGIT)
  4. iShares S&P GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust(GSG)
  5. SPDR® Gold Shares(GLD)
  6. International Index: Japan, Turkey, Russia, Europe, China
  7. QQQ- ETF that includes 100 of the largest international and domestic companies listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange
  8. HDFC NRE account FD
  9. Bitcoin through Robinhood

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