#20 – Cryptocurrencies! What are they and should you buy it?!

About Cold Brew Money:

Cold Brew Money is a podcast about finance, investing, businesses, and a lot more. We discuss money because your friends and family don’t.

There is a stigma around the topic of money, people don’t want to discuss finance. We believe it’s important to not only discuss finance but also master it.

We will be talking about budgeting, scheduling, investing in stocks, bonds, index funds, valuation, and a lot more all while sipping on coffee!

Today we have with us, Ian Phillips.

Ian Philips is a Blockchain developer and co-founder of Etherize, a hybrid formation portal that helps crypto organizations leverage legal entities and legal entities to leverage blockchain tools for the benefit of their communities, users, and investors.

Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/realpalebone

About Etherize: https://www.etherize.io/

Talking Points:

  • What is a cryptocurrency? Why do we need one?
  • How does Bitcoin work?
  • What is Bitcoin used for?
  • Why is Bitcoin’s market cap so much higher than other coins’ even though it’s slow and its technology isn’t as good as others’?
  • What is Ethereum and how is it different from Bitcoin?
  • What are smart contracts?
  • What is Ethereum Used for?
  • What are the threats to cryptocurrencies?
  • In the intro, we mentioned you’re using decentralized tools to help bridge the etheric and legal worlds. What are some examples of decentralized tools?
  • Where should someone who is interested in investing in this space start? Are there any ETFs?




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